Ontopper Document holder for laptops
Ontopper Document holder for laptops

Wipe Off Board  

Add notes or take notes in a meeting and erase them from the board as needed with this durable write on/wipe off surface.

Easy to Attach 

Mount the patent pending ONTOPPER with one hand tied behind your back. No need for Velcro® clamps or adhesives to attach it to your laptop.

Stack'em 24 Deep

Holds up to 24 letter size sheets at a time so you aren't always searching for mislaid documents.


We're Dennis and Mary Lou Green, the inventors of OnTopper Document Holder for Laptops. We've been married for 44 years and have invented more than 50 simple products together.  

Not long ago, we asked ourselves why document holders had to stand or clip to the side of the computer screen, and give us stiff necks when transcribing lots of data. 

We also give ZOOM presentations to our students at BigIdeaSchool.com, and to inventor groups around the country. And we hated losing eye contact when we had to look off to the side of the screen or down to the desk to refer to our notes. It just made more sense to place notes above the camera, so we invented OnTopper to help us all save our necks and our online presentations. 

Ontopper Document holder for laptops